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The True Value Of Hiring A Music Producer: 6 Reasons

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

This blog post is the second article of a series of three. Please refer to the first article “11 Music Producer Roles That Will Help You Better Understand Their Job” for more information on the topic.

Music Producer overseing music artist song in recording studio
Music Producer overseing music artist song in recording studio

For many music artists, the value of working with a music producer these days can seem questionable.

Yet, most successful artists still choose to collaborate with music producers on their projects. Why is that? What do music producers do that makes them so valuable?

Here are 6 real reasons to consider when deciding to hire a music producer on your next project.

  1. FRESH PERSPECTIVE An outside view or opinion on your music can be invaluable if you have been working on the material for days/weeks/months/years? 😉. It is very easy to lose the ability to be objective about the quality of your own work. A producer may challenge your opinions and help you move forward when you are stuck.

  2. MUSICAL TASTE The cumulative listening and working experience of a music producer results in a distinct musical personality. If you can find the right producer for your type of music, leveraging their unique style for your project’s benefit can be one of the strongest reasons to collaborate with them.

  3. MUSIC COLLABORATION For many people, making music with others is simply more enjoyable and inspiring than working on their own. When you feel drained or uninspired, having another person to motivate you and push you forward can be tremendously beneficial. There are also practical advantages: The ability to bounce ideas off of one another for immediate feedback, the ability to sit back and just listen while someone else takes over the session, and the ability to utilize multiple skillsets for one common goal can all move the production process along and elevate the resulting production.

  4. ACCOUNTABILITY Hiring a music producer adds an element of commitment and accountability to your project. You are no longer working on your own timeline with no deadlines and no requirements. Oftentimes, this is exactly what is needed for artists to actually finish strong on ideas they have been working on and get them out into the world.

  5. MUSIC PRODUCTION TEAM When you hire a producer, you unofficially become connected to their network of musicians, engineers, and recording studios. Depending on your project’s needs and budget, you will therefore have access to a curated group of music professionals whom your producer has experience working with.

  6. MUSIC BUSINESS NETWORK Also, consider that working with a music producer may give you access to their network of music industry contacts. This could connect you directly to managers, lawyers, booking agents, music supervisors, etc.

Music Producer and music artist cheering in recording studio
Music Producer and music artist cheering in recording studio


At a time when recording equipment and software is so affordable and accessible, it is understandable to wonder why anyone would need the services of a music producer.

However, producing music is more than a combination of technical skills. It is a juggling act between these technical skills, inspiration, communication, experience and more.

It is common for artists, songwriters, and musicians to run into roadblocks in any of these areas.

Collaborating with a music producer can help overcome these roadblocks and take an artist and their career to the next level. - Marko Fazio and David Contreras

Do you feel your music should sound better than it does? Are you interested in working with a music producer on your next release? Shout me a message, I want to hear about your music!

- Marko


About The Authors:

Marko Fazio - music producer

Marko Fazio is a music producer based in Los Angeles. With his company Elevate Music Productions, his mission is to bring singer/songwriters’ music and artistic vision to full potential.

David Contreras - drummer, music producer

David Contreras is a drummer and music producer based in Los Angeles who has performed with numerous artists locally and internationally. He is currently playing for the band Karmic for which he co-produces their first studio album

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