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Want to know how to properly deliver your song to your mixing engineer?


A word from the author:



My name is Marko. I am the author of the eBook "Get The Most Out Of Your Mixer".

Ever since I started mixing, I always felt that the transition from production to mixing was a challenging step, whether I was the one mixing my own production or when an artist wanted to hire me. 


And let's be honest, anyone who has reached the point of exporting a production for mixing has eventually made a mistake of forgetting a track, or an instrument was not lining up with the rest of the song and much more. I have been there!


Since many of the questions and concerns regarding this topic seemed to be the same across the board, I eventually concluded that it would be a good idea to create a simple guide that clearly explains how to export your tracks in detail, as well as the mindset you should have when sending your song to your mixing engineer, even if it is you!


If at any point you have questions about the process or need clarification on anything, feel free to email me your questions.


Thank you,

Marko Fazio 

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